Information about tubes and packing.



The project was started in April, 2003. The goal of the project is to advance development of the Russian tube market.

We have achieved much for two years of our work.

Today both the largest and small manufacturers of spread products, manufacturers of tube-filling equipment and packaging are among our partners.

We research the market of flexible package, publish our reviews in mass-media and Internet, perform marketing actions on our own and together with our partners, organise discussions with suppliers and manufacturers, publish comments and opinions of specialists.

Our actions and programmes:

  • we have recently finished the "Test consignment" programme for the companies that search a new kind of package for their products or make their choice between different kinds of tubes. The bold experiment resulted in getting of new off-centre package on special price by several dozens of enterprises of different industries, and getting new customers by manufacturers of tubes.
  • in the middle of March, 2004, a new column was open at - "Hands-to-Hands trading area". Present and future consumers of tubes got the opportunity to publish actual questions on packaging into tubes in the column and collect offers of participants of the tube market.
  • today a new partnership "Equipment" programme is started at our site. The programme is our response to the big number of requests that we receive from our readers. The aims of the programme are:
  • the assistance in choosing the most appropriate contractor to the companies that are interested in purchasing of tube-filling equipment,
  • selling equipment of the programme Partners,
  • search for Customers for the Partners' equipment,
  • advertising of the Partners through the address mail delivery, oral consultations,
  • popularisation of our Partners among the Programme Customers, using potential of the site.

Our site is also a good place for direct advertisement.

Our site is a special resource and our audience is highly interested in the subject, so the advertisement published at the site is more effective, than the one published at some site of broader subject-matter even if they are more visited.

We have effective and cheap means of increasing the amount of sells of your equipment. Apart from traditional banner advertisement, we offer publishing your information in the Catalogue of manufacturers of tubes and tube-filling equipment, creating web-page of your company at our site or even creating a small site of your company at

Your advertisement will not come unnoticed - we keep the top two positions in search for "tube" at Yandex, Aport (top Russian search engines) and the Google.

Russian Tube Market is very young and it is developing rapidly, and we are developing together. We are searching for new partners, new views on package, new kinds of products for packaging into tubes. We look forward for creative co-operation!

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