Filling service

Information about tubes and packing.



How to organize packaging into tubes?

There are two ways of resolving this problem:

  • obtaining your proper tube-filling equipment;

  • placing the orders in another company.

Each of these variants has it's own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to give standard recommendations: when and which company should use the first one (to buy and install the equipment), second (to arrange using the facilities of third company)

Companies, interested in packaging of their products in tubes, need prior consultations, taking into account current requirements and further plans for production development.

It has to be distinguished that one type of companies produce tubes, others- sell tube filling equipment, and third- organize a filling process.

What is the first step to start tube filling process?

Whatever decision has been taken, it is more reasonable to produce a pilot lot of tubes and order trial packing. This way you will be able to examine and feel (literally) the way a product looks like in a tube, the comfort of this type of packaging. Next step- selling of product in tube- you will be able to appreciate your buyers interests for this product in new packaging. Then your company will be able to take a final decision concerning packaging, based not on speculative conclusions, but on the personal experience of working with tube.

Still many questions remain? You may send us a written request to the open discussion list. TUBA. RU is ready to support your company on every step: from choosing the type of tube, purchasing tube-filling equipment (the supplier of equipment) till searching of filling partner.

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