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For packaging into tubes can be used products of particular - paste-like-consistence. In other words such consistence is called cream-like. In any industry, where tubes are used such terms are common.

It is clear, that exist differences in packing of chocolate and cosmetic creams, for example, sanitary and hygiene regulations. But there is always remain the main similarity- product has a flat, homogeneous or almost homogeneous structure; it's not liquid, but the product has a tough and/or fluid character.

To the products with almost homogeneous structure are referred all grated products (for example mayonnaise with adding, ketchup) or products with necessary typical inclusions. (for example cosmetic scrub). After all, tube is a solid packaging with flexible and pliant character. The way tube is used in different industries can be found out from subject rubricators on this page.

Tube allows the consumer using the product up to the end, without a remainder; to empty a tube fast and easily. There is no necessity in shaking the tube with an upturned spout, in order to reach last drops of product. Also you don't have to reach the bottom of tube and use the "additional instruments" to empty it.

A flexile nature of tube allows to consume a product by dosing- not more or less than every consumer needs. This way a tube provides an economic consumption of product. For the buyers of expensive, with rare composition products, such quality of packaging is especially important. Even being treated carelessly and inaccurate a tube protects from "spilling" out of it.

For the packaging of some products can be made "renovated" tubes, for example with long, thin nozzles or a sponge on the spout. This way tube becomes an independent instrument while using it's content. Tube with an original construction may replace a brush, palette knife, even a culinary syringe, when packing a dessert.

Original packaging- tube with a hook or rope loop at the end. Such tubes can be hung in a bathroom or hall, which saves a place and decorates a living space.

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