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Information about tubes and packing.


List of packaging for the Paste-like products.


JAR (made of glass, tin, plastic)

Jars are used for the packaging of foodstuff in many industries. This is a traditional packing for the diversity of products, including paste-like.

Tin jar is solid, air and light-proof.

Glass and plastic jars are not so solid (glass is the most fragile type of packaging). During transportation glass jar may brake, at the time when plastic and a tin jar may become deformed. Plastic jar is not as light-proof as the glass one.

Paste-like product can be extracted from a jar with a help of a spoon or some other kitchen "instrument". As the jar is opened, it requires a new "home-made" cap.

Jar is provided with a glued label and has a volume- up to 5 ltres.

Tube-Vial is a rather hard plastic vial, shaped as a tube. This packing is very comfortable for transportation. Tube-vial is light-proof and possesses good barrier qualities (like plastic tubes). It is not completely relevant to a flexible packaging and can be hardly squeezed out, which makes it impossible to use the product up to the end. Tube-vial is glued with a label and has a volume from 50 to 250 ml.

Packet is made of a film, sometimes has several layers with week barrier qualities. Commonly is used only once. After it is opened- there is no way back. An opened packet can not be taken anywhere (for travelling, job, school). The contents of the packet after its opening have a short shelf-life. A packet can not keep its shape and may not be put on a shelf in a vertical position. The surface of a packet can be covered with a colorful and high- quality printing and has a volume of 5-250 ml.

Doe-Pack - is the packet, which has an ability to "stand" on a shelf. Doe-Pack may be considered as a particular type of packet. This packaging can be used repeatedly (The consumer uses doe-pack several times after it's opened). Sometimes one of the upper corners of Doe-pack is transferred into a spout with a thread, which is provided with a screw cap. It allows reuse the packet. Like an "ordinary packet" doe-pack is made from a multi-layer material, which gives it the barrier qualities. The reliability of the barrier layer depends on the quality of the material being used for its production.
Typical volume for such packaging: 150-500 ml.

Tube - flexible packaging, which can be used several times (The consumer uses tube every time, when unscrews a cap). Depending on the type of the material possesses high barrier qualities. Tube is compact and is hermetically closed after using. Various colorful printing is applied on it. It is possible with a tube to make the exact dose without an additional equipment, long shelf-life of a product is guaranteed.
Volume: 5-300 ml.

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